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Souk Sarouja is one of the first inhabited areas that were built outside Old Damascus' Fence. It dates back to the 11th century.

Unfortunately, some parts of this old Market were destroyed and others were neglected by their owners.

  • Unfortunately, other certain areas in the old city of Damascus need to be saved from destruction. Bab Touma is another example. Click here to read the story (Arabic only).
  • Photo Gallery of Souk Sarouja (click on image to enlarge):

Al-Ward Mosque

An Alley in Souk Sarouja

An old house in Souk Sarouja

A narrow alley in Souk Sarouja

Al-Abed's Family House

Al-Hoboubati's Family House

Holo Pasha Al-Abed: a famous figure in Souk Sarouja

The entry door of Al-Abed's Family House

A panoramic view of the remains of Souk Sarouja


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