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Amr Fahham: Main idea, graphic design, and planning.
Homepage: http://syrianhiking.blogspot.com/
Maher Azem: Site design, text editing, and review.
Homepage: http://maher.oldamascus.com
Khairi Reda: Site design, and review.
Homepage: http://www.oldamascus.com/~lio/
Zaid Fahham: Site design, and assistance.

Yamen Awad, May Samhouri, and Alma Abou Akel.

Thanks to
Alaa Khattab for providing us with many articles and typing.
Ayman Haykal for support and help.

Damascus: The Oldest City in The World, Ayoub Saadiyeh.
Damascus: History and Photos, Dr. Koutayba Al-Shihabi.
The Damascus of History: Photos and Advertisement, Ahmad Ghassan Sabano.
The Syria of Culture: What She Gave to The West, Dr. Afif Bahnassi.
The Old Souks of Damascus: Their Historical Monuments, Dr. Koutayba Al-Shihabi.
The Syrian Times.
Many photos were taken by Ayman Haykal and Amr Fahham.


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